This site presents Askari Equity Management, LLC, the successor corporation to The Clucas Investment Advisory, and its principal investment professional, Lloyd L. Clucas.

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Purpose of site

This site presents the firm, Askari Equity Management, LLC and its principal, Lloyd L. Clucas. It is a convenience for remaining clients. It is an easy way to communicate with a variety of non-clients as well. The latter communications may have nothing to do with investments. The firm and principal do not solicit, nor do they accept, new investment management clients.

Legal disclaimer

Nothing on this site is intended as investment advice to anyone – not even the remaining clients of the firm – and it is not to be construed as investment advice by anyone. Nor does anything on this site constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Views displayed here merely present the thinking of the firm's principal – and occasionally those of others. They may aid in understanding the actions of the principal in managing the portfolios of remaining clients. They may also be of general interest to others.

The firm and its principal do not sell investment advice; existing clients only receive active, fully-discretionary investment portfolio management tailored to the risk tolerances and objectives of the individual clients.

Information displayed on, or linked to, this site is taken from sources believed to be accurate, but the accuracy or timeliness of that information cannot, and is not, guaranteed by this firm or its principal, Lloyd L. Clucas.

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